Katsu Burger Now Open on Capitol Hill!

1410 12th Ave 

Seattle, WA 98122


Same great menu plus beer, sake & wine!

We open until late, so check us out soon.


Inspired Japanese American fusion, using honest ingredients,

fried to perfection

Experience the Journey



Katsu burger is anything but simple. Where most burger joints just season their beef and serve, our signature miso seasoning is just the start.  After we hand form our patties they are bathed in our homemade, cage free egg, tempura batter, and then breaded with crisp Japanese bread crumbs.  But the journey only gets better from there.  Each Katsu Burger is then dropped into our canola oil deep fryers and cooked until golden brown, creating a crunch and tenderness you can only experience at Katsu Burger.  There is a lot of love and work that goes into each Katsu Burger.  From the time it´s formed until it arrives at your table. 

All of our Menu items embody a taste from Japan and also reflect a comfort from home, or the other way around. 

Honest Ingredients

The passion for our great food starts with our ingredients.  All of our beef burgers are 100% grass fed beef.  All of our pork and chicken burgers are raised without growth hormones and antibiotics.  We serve organice tofu made with an egg less tempura batter.  All of our mayos and sauces are made fresh in our stores daily.  

Quality counts when it comes to taste! 


There really is no place like Katsu Burger out there. Its something you need to experience first hand! We are so proud to be a part of Seattle´s wonderful food culture, and so grateful for all the local support and from all over the world.




"This is adventure food!" -Brian C


"The seasoned fries are delicious but you may run the risk of eating your own fingers in the process of licking every last grain of unbelievable flavor from your fingertips.  But seriously." -Dusty M


"I had the Ohayou Gozaimasu burger with Curry Fries and Miso Mustard as suggested by my friend.  I can honestly say it was the best burger I have ever had." -Allison H


"So good!"  I ate at Katsu Burger nearly four months ago, and I´m still dreaming about it because there´s nothing like it here in the San Francisco Bay Area." -Thea R


"A wonderful east meets west culinary invention." -Kyle L


"I can NOT stop thinking about this burger, from ordering to eating." -Ross B


"It´s fusion done right." -Patrick B